I am a 44 year old surgeon and Naval Officer. While I have never been a natural athlete, I specifically decided to pursue a career in the military due to its physical demands, among other reasons. Beyond just the routine physical fitness standards of the Navy, however, I have also chosen a path that requires more in terms of functional fitness. I have tried multiple approaches to achieving that fitness, and while I am within current standards, my life has never been about achieving the minimum requirement. I strive to excel.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing coaches. First of all, Mark Richardson of Crossfit Great Bridge has been a coach and friend since my wife and I joined the gym in 2013. He has been the foundation of my work with Crossfit since we returned to Hampton Roads.

One of the challenges, however, has been my frequent training and deployment cycles which put me in all sorts of difficult situations in terms of maintaining consistency. I am not able to make it to the gym with the regularity of many of my fellow athletes. While working out as a guest at Crossfit Fort Bragg (now Evolution Athletics) I got a chance to meet Dan Skidmore, who introduced me to his partner, Chris McNamara. Chris has become my coach-away-from-coach, a good friend and mentor who understands the challenges of a constantly changing fitness environment.

Between Mark and Chris, I have some truly great coaching and mentoring. And I am learning that there is much more to fitness than just getting into the gym and getting after it. Recovery, nutrition, sleep, supplementation…all the things I have heard people talk about and that I have given some attention to but never the laser focus that I am bringing to them now.

This online journal is just my thoughts about this particular journey. The thing that is different for me is that I am not a natural athlete, but I am being coached by some world class individuals. If the lessons I learn work for me, they will work for anyone.

Please feel free to read what I have to say. Give me your thoughts if you like. I do not offer any of these musings as a medical professional, which I am, but as a fellow athlete. Again, this is the journal of my own learning. Enjoy.


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